Friday, December 26, 2008

Theophilus London in di place!!!

Santa Hats!!!

Homeboy words for this emcee...CHECK THE BLOG @ HOMEBOYSANDMAN.COM
Dawg, it's GOOD KARMA.

fly dudes in di spot!!!

Loj friends and Yellow Rebel!

Your fave photographer, Liz Allen, EMA Photography! Thanks for all the support this yr Liz!

DJ Snatch 1 on the set!!! Whattup IMS!!!

Charles Hamilton x Wonderland

The lovely, DJ MIRANDA!


if ya'll didn't already know..miss shyvonne sanganoo is on fire! watch out for her in 2009!
HomeBase loves you Shyv!


TERRY URBAN getting ready to GO IN!

whoooaa...KeL x Wonderland x JIntrovert, x J. Negron! this pic is SERIOUS people!! ACT LIKE YOU KNOW!

Res x Wonderland
(Shout outs to CHAY & JAY WALLACE!)

if you haven't already gotten one of these you need to come through, homemade presents from homebase....LIVE at BOBS you never know which week you're going to catch!

shout outs to all our beautiful people that come through and support on the weekly tip--since july, we REALLY appreciate y'all!
As you should have already known, a KEL x WONDERLAND collaboration is only going to bring out the flyest cats on the scene to have some authentic nyc fun. Shout outs to RES, Charles Hamilton, Theophilus london, Snatch 1, Terry Urban, THE LOVELY DJ Miranda and nyc for coming out fullforce and partying with us! We're taking a break until 1/7/09 so be SAFE and enjoy the Holidays and we'll see you soon!
Love, Peace, and Smiles.

P.S. we're late Santa's this yr..we haven't forgotten about you exepct some new ish coming your way 1/1/09!!!!!!!

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