Sunday, April 12, 2009

*SPECIAL PRESENT 4 HOMEBASE FROM .....take a guess! He's somewhere below!

A Pipe Dream + A Promise x HOMEBASE! (DETROIT x NYC!)

Finale's "A Pipe Dream + A Promise" in stores now!!

Invicible + DJ Neil Armstrong!
P.Casso x Wonderland 

the crowd watching the world premier of P.Casso's "Best In Show" video!

Vonpea + Lesley

Shoutouts to the scene in NYC for coming out and representing for THE NEW music! Big ups to Finale + P.Casso on releasing two great projects! Check out Finale's debut album, "A Pipe Dream + A Promise" in stores NOW! You can also swing by to download P.Casso's "Earthtones" and be on the look the out for the "Best In Show" video coming soon...HOMEBASE held the EXCLUSIVE screening and the video is GREAT, not your average pointless excuse for a "viral/music video". Shout outs to Surrealphobia on the direction.
Peace to Invincible, Emilio Sparks, DJ NEIL ARMSTRONG (WHATTUPDOE!?), Richard Louissant (check his blog for more pics from this past wednesday!), Outasight, Jintrovert, Brokn English, Prezzure, KingpinKel, Yellow Rebel, Sneaktip, + all our supporters! MUCH LOVE! VIBE ON!
Make sure to join us this Wednesday as we celebrate the release of Print's (Good Day Good Night) debut album "Comic Books Unlimited" + a surprise guest host from London!!!!

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