Monday, October 12, 2009

"The MRE presents a special disco classics session by DJ Carlo Ramos. These are the songs he grew up with in New York City, dancing to on sound systems at clubs like Bonds, The Palladium, El Corso, Starship, Discovery One, Roseland and Crisco Disco. Included are some of the very records he played while starting out as a working DJ, spinning disco while still a teenager for late-night crowds in the Bronx. He would eventually move on to take over the sound and lights for a new venue called SOB's, which focused on world music. Carlos ended up on the decks there, too, spinning not only the sounds of Brazil but also music for the city's African, Haitian, Jamaican and Latin audiences--plus the downtown hipsters of the day (including David Byrne, Paul Simon, Brian Eno) and a mix of diplomats and international high society. On the weekends, when the nights were done at SOB's, Carlos would bring his crowd, and an artist or two, down the street to the Paradise Garage, where Larry Levan kept the spirit of disco alive well into the next morning (and always kept an open list for Carlos and his guests). But that's another story. "
download the tracklist and Disco Classics mix here.
For more on DJ Carlos Ramos check out his interview with Brooklyn Radio

This is a pretty brilliant collab. Superhero DJ + producer, A-Trak (nicest dude ever, really!) + brilliant superproducerremixer extraordinaire Armand Van Halen are DUCK SAUCE. mmm that sweet sauce that makes my Chinese from the around the way taste...sooo...SWEET!

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